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What we care about is the quality content and if you believe that you have authored a great content, we would love to take the same to the bookshelves worldwide.

At present, we are publishing pre-reviewed & accepted proposals only. In case you want us to review your book proposal for a possible acceptance, please write to our Editorial Office for an evaluation.

There are NO COSTS/FEES involved in publishing with us. All we look for is the quality content. All accepted book proposals are pre-reviewed before acceptance for publishing.

A. Individual book proposals

Sole or multiple authors may propose a book title to our content evaluation team for a possible selection. For making a book proposal, the authors need to send us a book outline/abstract mentioning:

1. the book title, subject domain,
2. authorship details with affiliation,
3. target audience,
4. justification how & why the readers would find the book (if published) as a valuable reading,
5. length of the book,
6. time frame within which the full text will finally be available for a review
7. and any other information which is worth to be notified to us pertaining to that proposal.

While submitting a book proposal, the authors need to refer and adhere to our editorial policies which are re-produced herein below for the ready reference of the authors.

How a proposal is selected?

Once our editorial office receives a proposal, the same is assigned to a content evaluation team for a word on the proposal's suitability for our content inventory. If found suitable, we convey our decision to the author to complete follow-on formalities i.e. signing authorship-cum-publishing agreement (provisional), copyright declarations, provision of full-text content, review timeline, etc. Once the full-text is reviewed and accepted for its publication, the signed provisional authorship-cum-publishing agreement becomes final and operative. And the book editing and publishing is undertaken by our content publishing department.

Also read Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Authors

B. Edited book proposals

If an editor wants to bring & publish an edited book with us, the editor may propose such edited proposal to our editorial office for an accord. If consented to by our editorial office, the editor is invited to complete the formalities to bring, edit and publish the book proposal. Our editorial policies will remain applied to the contributing authors to the edited book. The proposing editor will be free to invite chapters to the edited book and will further be assisted by our content evaluation team for selecting best suitable and relevant work for the book.

If you are a PhD and has experience in reviewing and editing academic materials, feel free to join our Panel of Reviewers & Editors. Apply here

Policies for our authors

Here are our policies for the authors who want to submit their book proposals for an evaluation & review.

Copyright Policy

Our authors are expected to strictly comply with the prevailing copyright laws in respect of the works they intend to publish with us. The copyright and other intellectual rights in respect of the books or other works published by us belong to and remain vested in the authors’ favour. No part of the published works be reproduced without the express and written permission of the authors as well as the publishers (the CSMFL Publications).

Policy on Plagiarism

The book authors are at all times need to comply with our plagiarism policy which strictly disallow the plagiarism or copying the works of others without any authorization. Although, we (the CSMFL Publications) exercise due care in respect of the plagiarism instances while accepting book publishing proposals, after publication, we hold no warranty for any instance of infringement of the intellectual rights of the original work authors/creators. The aggrieved parties may contact us requesting any possible help or assistance from our side.

Policy on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights

The aggrieved parties may bring any such instance of plagiarism or intellectual rights’ infringement to our notice and we will forward every possible assistance to protect the intellectual property rights of such aggrieved parties. Our Authors may also bring any such instance if they believe that any part of their published works has been reproduced unauthorised by any third party or platform. We will ensure that all the intellectual property rights of our authors are protected and remain vested with our authors.

Institutional policy on publication ethics & misconduct

As a traditional academic books publisher, the CSMFL Publications relies on the generally accepted best practices on academic publishing worldwide. We uphold the scholarly discipline as the desired set for determining any publishing avenue.

We adhere to publish without getting influenced by any person, institution, polity or any unjust-monetary reward. Every title we publish has to undergo a pre-determined and specified selection criteria. We do our best to render a best reading experience by curating only quality content and excluding all others following our title selection criteria.

We require our title evaluation team to be extra cautious while considering to recommend an acceptance to any title for publishing with us. We have an invested confidence by our readers, content vendors, our institutional content partners, subscribing libraries which we always aspire to uphold without any exception.

We prohibit the scholarly misconduct by any of our published or to-be published author, reviewers and editors ('in-house' as well as invited). We require all of them to abide our code of professional conduct and forward their assistance to maintain a scholarly discipline and professional work-flow in all our work processes.

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