Libraries & Institutional Partners

Here is the general information for our libraries & institutional partners for the quick ready reference on their general queries.

We offer quality academic content to our libraries & insitutional partners. We have tried to mention here general information as FAQs, still, in case of any specific information or queries, our Support Desk can be contacted.

A library or institution can access our published content via any of the following platforms where our books are available:

EBSCOhost/EBSCO Ebooks/EBSCO Discovery Service, Google Books, Google Books Play, WorldCat Discovery Service/OCLC, CrossRef Metadata Search, Amazon, CSMFL Bookstore.

In case of a customised content offers, libraries/institutions can enter into a content provision arrangement with us.


If you are representing a library, you may send us your requisition for a specific or all of our titles to our Editorial Office. Our Editorial Office after taking note of the same will help you get the same on a prompt basis.

Yes, we do. If you want to have information on customized content offers/subscriptions, write to our Editorial Office detailing about your content requirements mentioning the preferred mode of content delivery, the number of expected titles, name in specific, frequency of content delivery etc.

All queries or questions are welcome. Our Support Desk is always prompt at addressing queries & questions of all of our stakeholders. Feel free to get in touch with our Support Desk

Are you a Content Vendors, you may find it relevant to read more on Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Content Vendors

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