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Writing Resources Center is an initiative by CSMFL Publications to educate academic authors about some of the important issues and aspects of academic writing. The working scope of the Writing Resources Center is NOT limited to the subjective academic writing but includes all those writing stuffs which an academic author needs to do while undertaking the task of academic writing.

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[GUIDE] Open Source & Free Software Programs for Data Analysis for Academic & Scholarly Researchers

Data analysis holds prime importance for academic & scholarly researchers to support their findings and conclusions. The scholarly authors need to process a lot of data for their domain studies, because they need to draw relevant and considerate meanings out of this data. The data more or less needs to be processed for certain statistical methods and models. Processing data manually was more of a headache before we have statistical computer programs to do the job. Most proprietary software programs for statistical analysis are paid and costly. Academic & scholarly researchers, especially research students, may wish here to know about some useful, free and open-source software programs that they can use out of the box to perform data analysis for their researches/studies.

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[GUIDE] Intellectual property rights (patents/copyrights) vis-à-vis academic writing

Intellectual property rights are the rights of the creators crediting them of their original creations. The intellectual property rights or IPRs include patents, copyrights, trademarks, service marks, geographical indications, certificates of origin, industrial designs etc. Understanding the importance of IPR especially copyrights and patents is highly relevant for the academic authors. The authors from science, technology and engineering domains need to apprise themselves of knowledge on patents and copyrights while for authors from social sciences, humanities and literature are expected of knowing copyrights at minimum.

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[GUIDE] How to publish an edited book: A guide for book editors

Edited books are known for their focus and speciality of content. An edited book uses to have varied content but within a specified subject domain. This subject domain is prescribed by the book’s editors who are responsible for the content speciality of their book. Editing and publishing an edited book is not like publishing a book as an author as in the edited books, the chapters are generally contributed by various authors falling within the scope of the book. So to maintain the content quality and relevance, book’s editors have to work hard to make their edited book rich in scholarly content. Though they (the book’s editors) are supported by their publishers, they remain of sole responsibility when it comes to the content integrity of their book. So, here is a guide helping those who want to bring, edit and publish an edited book as an editor.

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[GUIDE] Writing chapter abstract for an edited book

Writing chapters for an edited book is one of many types of academic writing. Writing a chapter for an edited book is no less than writing a scholarly paper in terms of quality barring some presentational aspects. To write an acceptable abstract is the first step towards getting an invitation to write full-text chapter by the book's editors. So, it becomes vital to understand how should an abstract be to get the same considered and accepted by the book's editors. No editor will be accepting anything for their book. After all, the content specialty of their book is the primary parameter to judge their editorial credibility, and they wouldn't like to compromise to accept general but specific stuff for their book.

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