Academic Content Vendors

Content aggrigators and marketing companies are welcome to participate in our content syndication program, they can include our published content in their core offerings.

We offer content syndication opportunities to the academic content vendors. If you are a content vendor and have your subscription service base at libraries level, you may inquire about to get our content included in your subscription service.

We encourage both types of content vendors, the e-content vendors as well as the print-content vendors to consider our content for their subscription services or content re-marketing products. We have tried to mention here general information as FAQs, still, in case of any specific information or queries, our Support Desk can be contacted.

All content vendors are welcome to participate in our content inventory. If your marketing platform has a good market reach, a content marketing collaboration can be proposed to our Editorial Office for possible content syndication.

Our content is available in both electronic as well as print mode. Any mode preferred by your content marketing platform can serve the purpose. For specific content delivery arrangements, please contact our Support Desk.

Do you represent a library or institution, you may find it relevant to read more on Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Libraries & Institutions

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