Call for Chapters | BOOK: Contemporary Translation Studies

The book is part of the Translation Studies Series and seeks to include quality works putting light on the contemporary form of ongoing advances in the domain of translation studies.

Editor: Dr. Tian Chuanmao, Director of the Centre for Translation Studies, Yangtze University, China.

Quality un-published works as chapters are invited to the book. The chapters should strictly be according to the coverage scope of the book.

Topics covered by the book

Topics covered by the book are (but not limited to):
Contemporary form of advances in:

Forms and Types of translation;
Human translation;
Translation of written texts;
Translation of speech or interpreting;
Simultaneous translation;
Consecutive translation;
Literary and non-literary translation;
Gain and loss in translation.
Central Issues in Translation;
Theories of translation;
The cultural turn in translation;
Role of the Translator;
Categories of translation;
Accommodation in translation;
Machine translation;
Computer-assisted translation.
Social functions of translation;
General and particular knowledge required for translation;
Translation as a prerequisite for communication;
Starting point in the translation;
Translation as process and as product;
Text types;
Techniques, strategies, and procedures in translation.

Important dates:

Chapter abstract submission: June 10, 2021 Request extension
Full chapter submission: July 20, 2021
Book publication: October-November, 2021

Guidelines & Notes

  1. The chapters need to be submitted via email to the Editorial Desk at [email protected]. The subject line of the submission email should be the name of the book.
  2. There is NO chapter submission/processing or publishing charge. The book accepts chapters free of any APC/fee.
  3. A chapter should be submitted in MS Docx format and must include authors’ affiliation details failing which the chapters will not be considered for review. A chapter should ideally be of 8-32 pages [7,000 to 10,000 words including references] with Times New Roman Font Size 12 with single line spacing & page margins of 1″(Top, Bottom, Left, Right).
  4. Un-original or previously published works will not be processed for review.
  5. All chapters need to have complete affiliation details.
  6. All chapters will be reviewed by chapter reviewers (peer-reviewers) before acceptance by the book editor. The chapters will be reviewed using a double peer review system.
  7. The editorial (editor’s) decision of accepting or rejecting a chapter shall be final. The book editor has all the editorial freedoms pertaining to the content quality of the book and the publisher doesn’t interfere in any editorial decision taken by the editor pertaining to the acceptance/rejection of any work for the book.
  8. The authors submitting chapters need to adhere to our policies on plagiarism, scholarly misconduct, and publication ethics. The copyright in respect of the accepted chapters will remain with the authors with the publications’ rights being with the CSMFL Publications.
  9. The authors of the accepted & published chapters retain their right to use their work for scholarly and teaching purposes subject to the conditions and limitations as described in Authors’ Rights for Content Reuse.

Book’s availablity

The book will be available in both print and ebook formats. The print book will be available via CSMFL Bookstore and Amazon worldwide. And, the ebook will be available via CSMFL Bookstore, Google Play Books, Amazon and EBSCOhost. Besides, the book’s metadata will be available in Google Books, EBSCOhost and EBSCO Discovery Service, EBSCO eBooks, WorldCat Discovery Service, OCLC, CrossRef Metadata Search & other leading academic databases worldwide. The book chapters will also be available in Google Scholar, Semantic Scholar and Microsoft Academic Search.

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