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By Sarmistha Saha | ISBN: 978-81-937824-8-4 | ISBN (Ebook): 978-81-937824-9-1 | DOI: 10.21013/csmflpub.978-81-937824-8-4

Book | MGNREGS AND LIVELIHOOD RESPONSES A Geographical Overview | CSMFL Publications

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Book Summary

The study of livelihood is popular among social scientists in recent times. One of the important aspects of the assessment of livelihood is the responses generated through the implementation of social policies. MGNREGA, the landmark act for the generation of rural livelihood worth discussion. The act and its outcome, MGNREGS has discussed variously by various author in last decade. This book tries to provide a geographical explanation of the same. Written in a very simple and lucid language, this book considers the empirical work based on both primary and secondary data. This book will help the students of geography, policy studies and rural development of different universities and institutions.

About the author

Sarmistha Saha is an assistant professor in geography in Michael Madhusudan Memorial College, Durgapur, West Bengal. She is a gold medalist in geography and done her M.Phil from Centre for Studies in Regional Development (CSRD) JNU, New Delhi.

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